Shivering Heat by Tressa Morris Hern

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The Blurb

Elyse August is at a pivotal time in her life. She had resigned herself to living a single, celibate, sheltered life. Needing to find employment, she finds herself in the famed Blyss building of Chicago, when she sees him standing outside of a conference room near the human resources office.

At a point of moving forward or falling to the wayside, welcome Reid Jamison. Mouth-watering, lip-licking, butterflies-in-the-groin, hot. He becomes the catalyst that drives her to trust and move forward.


A Taste 

Excerpt 1

“Kiss me, Elyse.”

His demand lit a fire in my belly, and I daringly pushed my hands into his hair, stood on tiptoe, and lightly bit and sucked at his lips. I ran my tongue over them and pulled away. “Like that?” I reached behind me to support myself while I straightened and checked my blouse. I touched my lips and he stepped toward me, reaching for my hands. He held them at the sides of his hips. Reid took a breath and pressed me up against him again. I could feel him against my groin… he was aroused.

“Woman, you are tantalizing. I like that.”


Excerpt 2

She couldn’t fight,

Couldn’t escape.

Forced to endure a home invasion robbery while her boyfriend is beaten,

Elyse August was frozen in fear.

At a point of moving forward or falling to the wayside, Reid Jamison is the catalyst that drives her to do just that.

To trust, move forward.

Enjoy this story of sexy witty characters as they experience intense attraction, infallible loyalty, humor and corporate greed.

The prequel to “Shivering Fear.”

Tressa Morris Hern is a North American contemporary romance writer.

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