I Only Have Eyes for You

Ever decided to take a risk in life and see where it might lead you? To wake up one day and change it all so that you can follow your dreams.  

Savannah Cavenaugh does exactly this, and her world is about to change in a tremendous way when she gets the chance of a lifetime to spend a year in Japan. 

This was the door of opportunity she’d been waiting on. The wondrous door that would open, and hopefully lead her straight to her goal of writing for Traveller Magazine on a full-time basis.

She couldn’t be more thrilled at the chance.

However, things get a little off course when she finds herself hopelessly attracted to the deadly handsome billionaire Hiroshi Fujita. 

Hiroshi has troubles of his own when it comes to Savannah. And now is not the time for any form of distractions. 

Not when he’s trying to get his training center off the ground. The one thing he feels would redeem him from the mess he made of his life, and the constant disappointment he’s caused his family. 

But, he finds himself helpless around her, and a mindless slave to their attraction. 

Attraction for these two is a hard thing to resist, no matter how logical the reason for trying. 

See what happens on this exciting, romantic adventure, in “I Only Have Eyes For You.