Hearts Entwined by Khardine Gray



Looking for a holiday romance with just the right amount of sweet and sizzle? Then this is the book for you.


A box of old letters, a trip to Italy, the star quarterback, and the beautiful violinist…
When Evie opened her door to Gage she didn’t realize she’d be unleashing all sorts of trouble that would set off a chain reaction to throw her emotions completely out of control. 
Gage goes to her for assistance after his grandmother receives a box containing letters from her first love who she thought died in Italy, in WW2.
The problem is … the letters are at least seventy years old and there’s every chance her first love could now be dead.
Despite this, his grandmother is determined to go to Italy and find out. 
Gage and Evie accompany her on this wild goose chase,  but get more than they bargained for when they find themselves wildly attracted to each other. 
The idea of that by itself is totally farfetched as they’ve always been enemies, not to mention complete opposites.
See what happens when opposites attract in…
Hearts Entwined...
*This is a full length, feel good holiday romance with a HEA. 
Hearts Entwined teaser
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Excerpt 1-

She didn’t even consider where they were going until the sea came into view and she realized that their taxi was heading south. Last night before they went for their walk she’d looked in some of the brochures she’d gathered for the journey and did a little research on Tuscany. If she remembered right, they seemed to be heading to Monte Argentario located on the southern coast. If she was right, and it was looking like she was, then they were about to enter an Italian paradise.
“Gage. Where did you book us dear?” Lucy leaned forward in her seat. She’d sat in the back with Evie this time while Gage sat at the front with the driver. From the rearview mirror, Evie could see him smile.
“Somewhere with a lot of water.” His smile widened as he caught Evie’s stare in the mirror.
Water. Like her composition.
“For inspiration,” he added confirming her thoughts. She couldn’t help the little smile that played at the corner of her mouth, neither could she help the odd little flutter that stirred within her as she continued to gaze at him.
“We’ll be there very soon.” Their driver announced. His voice broke the moment in their stare, and Evie looked away.
Soon, came very quickly, but she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
The luxurious villa they approached looked like something from a fairytale. Like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. Like it was created within a fantasy, and with the scenic landscape around it, Evie was more inclined to believe she’d fallen asleep and drifted into a dream.
The villa was beautifully positioned on the hillside with a panoramic view of the sea in the background displaying enticing crystalline waters. It was perfectly elegant with its cream and burgundy coloring, Roman tiles that laid adjacent to each other on the roof and decorative wooden casement windows. Evie marveled at the pristine lawn with olive trees, pomegranates and oak trees adorning it, and the flowerpots on the walls attached by wrought iron baskets.
“Casa di Sabbia.” The driver declared, but Evie already knew its name. She’d seen it in the brochure and thought if she were rich enough this would undoubtedly be the first place she’d book. Sure she made a very good income from her music, but it was only in the last three years that her composed music had made it to concerts that brought people in. She was by no means rich.
Gage, on the other hand, was another story. It hadn’t occurred to her before how wealthy he must have been. But, of course, he would be. He was the all-star quarterback for the L.A Gladiators. People like him weren’t only worth a fortune, they made a fortune too.
They pulled up outside the front and got out. Lucy was in so much shock she hadn’t spoken.
“Grams are you okay?” Gage asked slipping his arm around her.
“You booked us in the Casa di Sabbia?” Lucy asked gazing up at him.
“I figured since we’re going to be here for a while we may as well be comfortable. We have the place to ourselves.”
“The whole place?” Evie asked taking in a breath. He nodded.
“Yeah I thought you two may want to play some music and I didn’t want you worrying about disturbing anyone. Open space and plenty of room.”
All Evie could do is stare at him.
“Gage this is amazing.” Lucy gave him a big hug. Evie could have hugged him too but thought she’d probably touched him enough for one day.
“Signora may I help you up the steps?” The taxi driver asked Lucy.
“Si grazie.” Lucy smiled taking his outstretched arm, while he lifted her suitcase.
“Thank you,” Evie said to Gage. His blue gaze focused on her and she watched in fascination as the corners of his mouth slid up into a sexy smile.
“You’re welcome.” The smile in his eyes contained a sensuous flame.
“I have to pay my way on this one.” She told him.
“No, you don’t.” His smile widened.
“It’s the Casa di Sabbia. Yes, I do.” She smiled back.
“This trip’s on me Evie. You offered to come to Italy without even thinking about it. It’s the least I can do.”
She wanted to protest, but the spark in his eyes made her stop. “Thank you.”
She pulled in a breath as she watched his gaze take her in. “Is there any chance at all you could forget about this morning?”
It was wishful thinking, total wishful thinking, but she thought she’d ask. He replied with a laugh.
“No,” he simply imparted. She felt her mouth fall open.
“Could you at least pretend?” Anyone else she was sure would say sure, let’s forget about it. But no, not Gage. It was amazing how she could go from being fascinated with him at one point to being well and truly annoyed.
He turned up his smile a notch and gave her a cheeky look as he said, “no.”
“Why not?” she pouted with a frustrated sigh. Her face flushed with humiliation now, and anger at herself.
He shrugged in mock resignation and moved away from her, picking up both his bags and her suitcase, then he straightened up and beamed at her.
“I don’t want to,” Gage replied. An amused smile danced across hip lips.
She felt her eyes widen at him and she sucked in a sharp breath as he winked at her and moved away to join Lucy.
He winked at her yesterday too, in the restaurant. However, unlike yesterday her stomach filled with butterflies and her knees weakened.

Excerpt 2

She wasn’t ready to be without him. Evie wasn’t ready. She was ecstatic for Lucy, thoroughly overjoyed and happy that Angelo was alive, but she never thought about the part where finding him would signal the end of their journey. It would mean going back to the world where she lived in New York, and Gage lived in L.A.
In that world, she hadn’t seen him for five full years and even when she saw him before that it was just in passing.
Normal for her was not seeing him. Normal was…
Her heart ached at the thought of it.
Her heart ached, and there was a hollow feeling inside her, but she had to be realistic. He played for a national team, and he was busy all the time. Lucy didn’t even see him as often as she wanted, what room was left for her?
As Lucy said they could go back to their normal lives, Evie looked over at Gage and saw the uneasy expression that washed over his face. Then he looked at her, and it seemed that he was thinking the same thing she was. She could tell he was, from his eyes.
Evie had never been in love before, but she knew she was now. She was certain of it. Love stared her right in the eye and waved itself to her every time she looked at him. Gage held her mind, body, and soul. They were all his. Treasured keepsakes of her. No one had to tell her that she’d only ever feel this way about him and no other. Evie knew. But what control did she have over their lives?