Chausiku: The Deadly Twelve Book 4 from Pamela E.Cash

The Chausiku Saga continues…

The Natosapi clan has arrived and to Chassie’s horror she now knows why they are so feared.

The real battle has begun.





The forest was so quiet they could hear the chirp of insects. It had only been a few minutes since the loud blast of a bullet exploding from the barrel of a gun had pierced the silence. The bullet had whizzed with speed through the air but had appeared to be in slow motion as it penetrated the front of Charles’ head and exited out of the back. His lifeless body had fallen to the ground as Chassie screamed out in terror. Moments later she had been knocked unconscious by Rasul.

Matchitehew had stood next to Rasul with a mocking smile on his face. He was the leader of a sector of the Natosapi clan of the Blackfoot Nation. He was seventy-five years old. His face was full of lines and creases…across his forehead…in the grooves between his cheekbones and nose…on both sides of his lips. The corners on each side of his mouth turned down and there were deep lines trailing from his mouth to his chin. His stark white hair was long— hanging all the way down his back—and so thin that his scalp peeked through in several places. He always wore it parted in the middle and loose so that when the wind blew, the thin strands waved in the air like reedy weeds sparsely sprouting from dry dirt. His body was thin and his upper back had an excessive curvature—a hunchback—but his powers were excessively strong. The only Natosapi with powers as strong as his was his much younger brother, Askuwheteau.

Matchitehew had wanted to just kill Chassie—shoot her just as Rasul had shot her father— but he still needed her alive for now. So, he had told Kestejoo to pick her up and follow him.

A deep crease had formed between Kestejoo’s eyebrows when Matchitehew had given him the order to pick up Chassie and he had eyeballed Matchitehew sideways—giving him a look like he had gone crazy. Kestejoo was a short, over-weight and middle-aged Natosapi man with a lot more body fat than muscle. He was bald on top and he wore the hair at the back and the sides of his head long so that he could pull the strands back into a ponytail. He was barely strong enough to pick up a chair much less a teenage girl and his eyes darted to the much younger men

of the clan that could have picked her up with ease. But he didn’t dare contradict Matchitehew or even offer a suggestion. He had just reached over—grunting with the strain of every movement—picked Chassie up and slung her over his shoulder.

As Matchitehew and Kestejoo walked away, the Natosapi clan stayed in a circle within the clearing of the forest surrounding John, Alissa and Rasul. John was on his knees and two men held his arms behind his back. Alissa was kneeling next to him with one man holding her arms behind her. Rasul stood over them, grinning like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. Matchitehew had told him to kill them.

“You heard the man,” said Rasul to John in a low, sinister voice. He pointed his gun at John’s head, stepped closer to him and curled his finger around the trigger. “I’ve wanted to get rid of you since the first day I saw you with Chausiku.”

John struggled to break free of the men holding his arms but he barely budged. He felt a knee jab into his back then his face was pushed into the dirt on the ground to hold him still. He had never felt so helpless. He had abilities…supernatural abilities. He could break a boulder in half as if he were tearing a piece of paper. He could sprint at the speed of the world’s fastest car. So could Alissa. But now his powers were gonE.

Author Bio:

Pamela E. Cash is a lawyer living in Chicago. She loves all types of science fiction but as a child she became hooked on the Marvel comic books she swiped from her brother’s room. Her favorite character has always been and will always be Thor! Her daughter shares her enthusiasm for supernatural characters and is her inspiration for the Chausiku Series.

To find out more about Pamela E. Cash you can visit her at:

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