An Evening With T.A Malone


I’ve had the privilege of coming across some pretty cool authors. T.A Malone is a hundred percent one of them. I just had to host him on my blog and share his work with you. Here we go.


In my opinion, hot sex and a good story go hand and hand. Yet it took me 45 years to realize I could be the one writing the story.

One of the first books I ever read which influenced me as a writer was Sidney Sheldon’s Master of the Game.  The book mixed a nicely written melodramatic story with just the right amount of action and sex to appeal to even an adolescent back in the 80’s. Then after seeing a Bond movie, I started to collect Ian Fleming’s 007 novels and short stories. After I would finish reading, I would jot down a thought or two, but that would be it. I didn’t realize my potential.

I would sneak and read Penthouse Forum while my boys would ogle over the images. I started reading Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Robert B. Parker. In college, I would write and finish stories and scripts for class, but never one story I began just for fun, ever got finished. One day Walter Mosley’s Devil in a Blue Dress found its way into my eager hands, and I finished it in two days, only because I had to go to work. And in 1994 I saw Quentin Tarantino’s classic movie Pulp Fiction. Influenced by what I read and saw, I would set down to write a story, only to never ever finish what I started.

Then in 2015, after being laid out from a quad injury, I watched a Greg Lansky video, and then I finally started a and finished my first erotic thriller “The Vacationing Wife,” a novel that will grab you by the throat on page one and will not let go until its decadent close.

I enjoy writing erotic fiction featuring a strong female character in a story full of suspense and action. In the future, my tales will also contain elements of the paranormal. I am currently writing my second novel, and am editing three short stories/novellas for the future as well.

I guess you could say I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind and a good story.

Take for instance the fact that all my life I always seemed to do well in classes about writing and reading, and for some reason in college, I took a bunch of writing classes and loved to write when I was a manager in the corporate world. Hell, after knowing each other for over twenty years, a journal I wrote during college, that she read one crisp cool night in Virginia in 1997 is one of my wife’s favorite reads.

Not to mention all the answered and unanswered letters of love I scribed over the years.

Yet I was 45 years old when I finally had a novel published.

Inspired by an innocent romp through an adult website, “The Vacationing Wife” is my first foray into erotic fiction; a “Pulp Fiction” like non linear tale about a dalliance on a tropical isle gone horribly wrong. From the opening line, to the decadent close, “The Vacationing Wife” is a tale that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go.

Despite being inspired by adult entertainment, sexy clips directed by Greg Lansky and others is not why I chose this genre.

I have loved the work of great writers over the years. I started with Ian Fleming and Sidney Sheldon. One afternoon in my preteens I read “Native Son” simply out of boredom. Of course as I matured I encountered the everlasting words of  Baldwin & Hughes. I became an eternal fan of the late Robert B. Parker, as well as Clive Barker’s contributions to my bookshelves. Finally, while I loathed him in my youth, as a teacher I discovered the magic of Shakespeare and his continued influence on writers and readers alike.

Yet, I also enjoyed reading Penthouse Forum, for often the tales found on the pages of this adult magazine were in my mind far more interesting than the images.

What does he like 

I like:
Spending time with family
Working out
Reading books
Seeking a positive lifestyle (the Secret)

What can we expect

My stories will have more of a supernatural feel as I continue writing. I enjoy creating strong multi-racial female characters because that is the only kind of woman I have ever known.  I love Dr. Who (Tom Baker in particular) and would love to visit London, Paris, and Amsterdam among other European places.
He also says cool things like “Optimism is a faith that leads to success.” Bruce Lee.
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