About The Author

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Khardine Gray writes fun, romantic fiction.
She currently lives in England with her husband and adventurous babies.
She has a deep love and passion for writing and has always found it exciting and fulfilling. She started writing from the early age of eleven where she discovered that she could bring her imagination to life and transport her readers into her world of adventures. 
When she’s not escaping into her story world and being enchanted by her characters you can find her doing ballet, contemporary and latin style dances. 
During her teenage years, she had the exciting opportunity of doing ice skating and competing across the UK, following in the footsteps of her mother who was also a competitive ice skater and star of the international Holiday on Ice.
Khardine loves shopping for makeup, perfume, and handbags. She’s also seriously obsessed with hot chocolate and pizza. 
Hope you enjoy the trips she takes you on.

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